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MHF says good health begins at work

The Forum has urged the government to do more in the workplace to deliver real and sustained improvement to men's health and well-being.

On the eve of a government summit meeting on Health, work and wellbeing and its launch of a Charter on the issue, the MHF has written to Dame Carol Black, the government's new National Director for Health and Work, urging her to make sure that employers, trade unions and the government seize the opportunity to tackle men's health inequalities through the workplace.

Peter Baker, Chief Executive of the Men's Health Forum, said: 'We are seeking an early meeting with Dame Carol Black to discuss with her how we can take forward the work we have done with Royal Mail, BT and others, using the workplace for delivering health promotion to men and helping to improve their lifestyle.

'The Forum has shown in several successful projects that well targeted action and messages to men in the workplace can make a significant difference to their health.

Workplace initiatives can, for instance, increase men's awareness of prostate disease, help them lose weight and increase physical activity levels and also take part in chlamydia screening. Men may be reluctant users of GP and other traditional health services, but we know that if services are taken to men while they are at work, they are much more likely to use them.

'The trade union movement also has a key role to play here and if, together, we can reach men at work, we will go a long way to improving the generally poor health and well-being of men in this country.'

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