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Resources and services from new national partners

The European Healthy Stadia Network and the national Illegal Money Lending Team are helping spread the work about Men's Health Week.

Both organisations have expertise that can help health professionals and organisations tackle men's health problems. 

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The European Healthy Stadia Network was founded in late 2009 to help develop sports stadia as settings that can inspire fans, stadia staff and local communities to improve their health and wellbeing.

Since April 2010, the Network has received funding from the World Heart Federation, through its role as official health partner in UEFA’s Football and Social Responsibility (FSR) partnership portfolio.

The Network offers support and guidance to stadia on adopting health promoting policies, shares examples of current practices amongst members, and advocates on key public health issues of relevance to a sports stadia context e.g. men’s health. 

The Illegal Money Lending Team is a Trading Standards project across England. Dealing with loan sharks can have a massive impact on mental health, from stress and worry to attempted or actual suicide.

It is quite possible as a professional working in the health field you could be seeing the symptoms and side-effects, but not know what the root cause of the problem is.

Stop Loan Sharks logoThe Illegal Money Lending Team is a Trading Standards project which can offer you free training, resources and advice on dealing with victims of loan sharks, to arrange this please contact the team who would love to hear from you and work together in helping men in particular access their services better.


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