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Diary dates 


March 2011
Men's mental health

January 2011
Cancer. A joint meeting with the All Party Cancer Group and others.

November 2010
The state of men's health.

July 2010
AGM and headlines in men's health.

January 2010
Using sports venues for health services. A briefing ahead of National Men's Health Week 2010.

July 2009
The group's AGM.

July 2009
Men's access to health services, following June's National Men's Health Week which is focused on this issue.

January 2009
Men's mental well-being.

October 2008

Men's Health at Work. Following National Men's Health Week 2008, MHF's report Improving male health by taking action in the workplace and House of Commons EDM 1870.

July 2008

AGM to elect officers and shortlist 08 - 09 topics. 

May 2008

Q&A meeting with the public health minister. 

February 2008

The group's second event in February will be about Heart disease and ED.

February 2008

Joint meeting with the groups on Cancer and Breast cancer.

The group's reception in July will hear about men and long term conditions.

The group's meeting in May will look at GPs' services and men's health.

It is well-established that overall men make less use of GP services than women. Men's lower use of GP services is not because they are less likely to experience health problems – in fact, their health is in general poorer than women's – but rather because of their attitudes and behaviours.

The group's following meeting will hear about men and long term conditions.

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