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Lives Too Short

Average life expectancy for men in social class 5 is under 73 years. This death toll is unnecessarily high and preventable.

The Lives Too Short State of Men's Health report

The State of Men’s Health report describes the scale of the problem and some of the solutions. It highlights headline statistics on a range of male health issues. The State of Men's Health sets out how these issues can be tackled and links readers to the Forum's relevant policy and practice work. 

The MHF action plan for men’s health:

  1. Tackle men’s mental health problems
  2. Get more men physically active
  3. Address men’s high cancer rates
  4. Improve men’s use of primary health services
  5. Involve more workplaces in men’s health and wellbeing

The Lives Too Short Pledge of Support

The Pledge of Support asks for your help to tackle men's poor health. The Pledge is already supported by a range of health professionals and organisations including the Royal College of Nursing, the Royal Society for Public Health, Coventry City Council and Sustrans.

For those who want to be sure they understand the statistics, there is an excellent section on malehealth, the MHF's health information site for men of all ages on understanding health statistics.


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