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Information Standard Policy

The Information Standard scheme was developed by the Department of Health to help the public identify trustworthy health and social care information easily. At the heart of the scheme is the standard itself – a set of criteria that defines good quality health or social care information and the methods needed to produce it. 

As part of the MHF’s commitment to meeting the criteria pertaining to the Information Standard (IS), this policy document governs  the Men’s Health Forum’s use of the IS to maintain and improve its health information production processes and the quality of information published. 

More specifically, the Men’s Health Forum is committed to:

  1. Producing good quality information.
  2. Ensuring that all the information covered by the scope of the information production system meets the requirements of this Standard.
  3. Reviewing all information materials for continuing suitability and update them as necessary.
  4. Ensuring that all those involved in producing the information are aware of, and comply with, this policy statement and the requirements of the Standard.
  5. Maintaining records to show acknowledgement and acceptance of this policy statement and its implications by all those involved in producing the information
The Men’s Health Forum will adopt the Standard from 1st February 2011 and in so doing accepts all of the schemes aims that relate to in-scope resources.
The MHF websites also include:
  • references for particular information items
  • a form to give feedback on information items

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