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All Party Group on Men's Health

Welcome to the homepage of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Men's Health, a body to which the Men's Health Forum provides the secretariat.

The Group exists to raise awareness of issues surrounding the health of men. It was established in early 2001 and was set up as a result of a new level of awareness about the health gap between men and women. This awareness was generated by the work of the Men's Health Forum on issues such as suicide, heart disease and men's use of health services.

About the All Party Group and the Men's Health Forum

The Mens Health Forum helped MPs form the APG on Men's Health in early 2001 and now provides its secretariat.

All Party Groups are formed by MPs and Peers of any political party who have a common interest. They are not part of the government and set their own agenda; they must contain members from at least the three biggest parties in the House of Commons. Many All Party Groups use the assistance of related organisations to organise, administer and promote their work.


The All Party Group on Men's Health seeks to raise awareness of issues impacting on the health of men. Issues chosen by members of the Group include:

  • Male health policy
  • Heart disease
  • Depression
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Erectile Dysfunctions underlying conditions
  • PSA testing

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