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The Forum provides a number of services to the men's health policy community, to men's health practitioners and allied professionals, to students and to men and boys, in general.

Custom Malehealth Web Portals

A malehealth portal is a quick, easy and effective way to take health out to the men in your community. And, if you're a public body, meet your requirements under the gender duty at the same time.

Mini Manuals

Mini Manuals are 16 or 32 page A5 health information guides written and produced by the MHF - available off the shelf or customised to suit your needs. Over 100 different manauls have already been created.

Focus Groups

The MHF can provide a complete men's health focus group service - organising, hosting, running and reporting - for any body in any sector interested in developing their work in this area. 


MHF is the only national provider of men’s health training for NHS, occupational health and third sector organisations. Building on over a decade of working with men, MHF Training offers a specially-designed series of short but effective training programmes that can really make the difference when it comes to working with men. 

Workplace Health Programmes

The MHF/ BT project WorkFit is the perfect example of the MHF approach to workplace health programmes

Workfit was a workplace lifestyle improvement programme developed by BT and the MHF. Open to all the company's 90,000 UK-based staff, Work Fit offered a 16-week programme, delivered mostly online, with a focus on nutrition and physical activity.

Over 16,000 staff (75% male) registered to participate. Almost 6,000 staff were successfully tracked and they lost an average of 2.3kgs (weight loss was the main indicator of compliance). A six-month follow-up survey showed that, for most participants, lifestyle improvements were sustained or improved. Read more.

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