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Men on the mend: a workshop on psychological work with men

Chartered clinical psychologist Dr Roger Kingerlee is running a training course for those engaging in psychological work for men. 

The 'Men on the mend' takes workshop runs 10am-4pm, Wednesday 17 November 2010, at the British Psychological Society's London Office, 30 Tabernacle Street. The £100 fee includes lunch and tea/coffee.

Why do men….

  • Get depressed & ruminate around 50% as much as women, yet
  • Commit suicide at least 3 times more often than women?
  • Do almost anything, sometimes, to avoid seeking help?
  • Abandon or reject help, even when it is offered?

'Men are not the same as women,' says Dr Kingerlee. 'An accumulating body of neurological and psychological evidence indicates that men and women are different in many ways. Yet, by and large, therapists have tended to adopt a one-size-fits-all approach. This may be like expecting men and women to wear the same clothes: often, they don’t fit.'

As well as answering the above questions, the workshop will equip clinicians with vital psychological expertise around men, including research & theory, assessment, formulation, intervention and endings.

Various psychological ways of working will be incorporated, including CBT, CAT, EMDR, mindfulness meditation, and psychodynamic.

Dr. Roger Kingerlee is a chartered clinical psychologist in the NHS and private practice based in Norwaich. He has a long-standing interest in masculinities, conducting research in literature and clinical psychology since 1993. His books to date are Psychological models of masculinity in Doblin, Musil, and Jahnn (2001), and The therapy experience: How human kindness heals (2006).

Further information from Dr Kingerlee by email or on 07971 600448. Bookings are by cheques payable to ‘Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust’ to Dr. Roger Kingerlee, Kingfisher House, Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich NR5 6NB.

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