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MHF write to David Cameron and Nick Clegg

The MHF have written to prime minister David Cameron and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg to ask how the new government will be moving the men's health agenda forward.

Nick CleggBoth men were also sent a mini-manual - Men & Work in the case of the new PM and Yorkshire Man in the case of Sheffield Hallam MP Clegg. Explaining the gift, MHF CEO Peter Baker said: 'the manuals are for personal use. Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg's new jobs are rumoured to be even more stressful than leading the Men's Health Forum and it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.' 

The Liberal Democrat leader has a long-standing interest in men's issues. Last year, he famously rushed hot footed from a Commons sitting to join Peter Baker on the podium at the Westminster-launch of the Coalition on Men and Boys report Man-made.

The Liberal Democrats manifesto also included a specific section outlining its policies for men and even included a short section on men's health, mainly about improving access to GPs.  Peter said: 'This is the first time any party has published policy specifically on men. It is hugely significant.'

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