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Lives Too Short - The State of Men’s Health

Cardiovascular disease

The most common cause of death in men.


This includes heart disease and stroke.

For more information from the Men's Health Forum see The State of Men's Health - lifestyle.


Men are 70 per cent more likely than women to die from cancers common to both sexes and 60 per cent more likely to get these forms of the disease. (14)

Between 1983 and 2007 the rates of oesophageal cancer in men rose by 50% and in women by 8%. Changing diets and obesity are thought to be the cause. (15)

More information

Our work showing men’s disproportionately high rates of cancer was launched in National Men’s Health Week in 2004.

In 2009, we collaborated with leading cancer organisations to publish The Excess Burden of Cancer in Men in the UK.

Our major government-funded study looking at how to improve men’s uptake of the national bowel cancer screening programme will be published in 2011.

There is information on  all these health condition on malehealth, the MHF's health information site for men of all ages including heart disease and cancer. There is also an excellent section on understanding health statistics.

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