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MPs back Lives Too Short

The Forum's Lives Too Short campaign has received support from leading organisations, health professionals and now MPs.

Marsha SinghAfter reading the Lives Too Short: State of Men's Health report, MP Marsha Singh, right, tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons. Other MPs from all parties have backed the given their support to the motion which reads:

That this House welcomes the Men's Health Forum's report Lives Too Short - the State of Men's Health; notes that 22 per cent. of men in England and Wales die before the age of 65 years and 42 per cent. before 75 years, that in Kensington and Chelsea men's life expectancy is nearly 11 years longer than in Blackpool, that 76 per cent. of people who kill themselves are men and that men are 70 per cent. more likely to get a cancer that affects both men and women; and calls for health providers to improve men's use of services and for mental health provision and public health policy to tackle men's poor health.

You can help - ask your MP to sign this motion, EDM 1138. You can find out who your MP is and their contact details.

MPs have also signed the Lives Too Short pledge of support. You can read the state of men's health report and sign the pledge online.

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