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MHF calls for Marmot to be implemented

Welcoming the appointment of Sir Michael Marmot as the new President of the British Medical Association, the MHF has called on government to implement Sir Michael's recent health inequalities review. 

Marmot's teamAt the request of the last government, Sir Michael, who became BMA president at its recent conference in Brighton, conducted a review of health inequalities leading to the report Fair Society, Healthy Lives, published in February 2010, the so called Marmot report. (The Marmot team is picture right with Sir Michael in the middle.)

The report said that eliminating health inequalities required action on six fronts: giving every child the best start in life; maximising individuals' control over their lives; creating fair employment; a healthy standard of living for all; healthy and sustainable communities; and strengthening the role and impact of ill-health prevention measures.

Sir Micheal has now been invited by the European regional director of the World Health Organisation to conduct a European review of health inequalities.

MHF president Dr Ian Banks, who is a member of the BMA, said: 'With the change in government it is crucial that Michael Marmot's report is not only read but acted upon. It holds the clearest evidence yet that low income has a disproportionate impact on men’s health. We need to ensure that women's life expectancy continues to improve and that low income group men are lifted from their huge inequalities in health.'

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