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Top Rowers Strip Off for Blue September

Some of Britain’s top rowers, including two who have survived testicular cancer, have stripped naked for a sexy photoshoot to raise awareness about cancer in men.

Inspired by Blue September, the boys merrily got their kit off to get the message out there that everyone is at risk from cancer, and it’s not something you can ignore.

Simon Hislop, who rows for Oxford and was on the winning team in this year’s Boat Race, has his own reasons for wanting to get this message out there. Not only has he just started work as a junior doctor, he has had cancer himself – testicular cancer, a rare cancer which is most common in men under 35. He found a lump on one of his testicles only weeks before his final exams at uni. Despite being a medical student, and aware of all the risks, Simon admits that he was tempted to ignore it and deal with it after his exams. Fortunately, his medical training won out, and he went to see a doctor immediately.

As Simon says, 'Young guys need to check themselves regularly - and they should definitely pester their GPs if they suspect something. That way they can catch testicular cancer early. There's a temptation among men to act all macho and say "it's nothing", but it's a problem that needs to be addressed.'

with thanks to Angus Malcolm photography.

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