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Conference, November 2006

Putting Gender on the NHS Agenda -

Implementing the Gender Equality Duties in the NHS

This event was delivered in partnership with the Department of Health, the Equal Opportunities Commission, NHS Employers, Essex Primary Care Research Network and the Women and Equality Unit within the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The conference was the first of its kind to look at the impact of the gender equality duties on the planning and delivery of health services. The main focus of the conference was practical — what can be done at the local level to ensure effective evidence based implementation of the gender duties.

The event was chaired by Professor Lord Kamlesh Patel. Speakers include Rosie Winterton MP, minister of state; Angela Mason, director of the government's Women and Equality Unit; Professor Alan White, the world's first professor of men's health; Surinder Sharma, the Department of Health director of equality and human rights and specialists from around the country who are already delivering projects that tackle gender inequalities in health.

You can download the full report of the conference and read these two news stories from the day.

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