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The MHF's One Million Man Challenge

The Forum's Million Man Challenge policy paper is now available online.

walking manProduced for Men's Health Week 2010 (14-20 June), the document sets out the MHF's challenge to government, NHS, local authorities, sports organisations and charities to work together to get one million more middle-aged men more active by the 2012 Olympics.

Action is urgently needed, the paper argues, because far too many men still die too young – 22% of men in England and Wales die before they reach 64 compared to 13% of women. Higher levels of physical activity could make a big impact since active men have a 20-30% reduced risk of premature death and up to 50% reduced risk of developing major chronic diseases.

The one million figure is not a randomly chosen one. One million is almost exactly the number of men in England and Wales aged 35-64 who will need to change their behaviour if minimum activity levels in this age group are to rise to the level currently achieved by younger men. This would mean that about 50% of men aged 35-64 would be active at minimum levels by 2012.

Backers of the Million Man challenge include the Federation of Stadium Communities, the National Obesity Forum, Cancer Research UK, Central YMCA and Sustrans

Who else will rise to the challenge?

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