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Celebrities endorse Men's Health Week 2010

Celebrities, sportsmen and the odd doctor or two are lining up to back Men's Health Week 2010. Have you signed up yet?

Joe Swift'I fully support Mens Health Week in their attempts to get us men more active; and the fact that you don’t need to join the gym to get more active is an important message. In my opinion, spending time working in the garden is a great way to keep active and healthy!' Joe Swift, Gardeners World presenter

Jorge Lorenzo'I believe that my success has a lot to do with my fitness and state of mind. Keeping physically active is not only important for sportsmen like me, but for all men; which I why I support Men’s Health Week and their aim of informing men that becoming more active has so many benefits for them.' Jorge Lorenzo, MotoGP Rider

'The Men's Health Forum is a great source of information and guidance for men who perhaps don't listen to their bodies as much as they should, but are nevertheless keen to make changes for the better.' Dr Mark Porter

James Toseland'Keeping myself fit isn’t just for my body - it also keeps my mind sharp and focused.  When you're riding a motorcycle at high speeds, you need a certain level of fitness to raise your level of concentration. The areas are endless where fitness can result in a better quality of life.' James Toseland, World Superbike RiderSteve Prescott

'I cannot emphasise how important it is to keep fit. The Mens Health Forum aim to provide a GP at sporting stadia to help you reach that goal. Make sure you dont miss the net!' Steve Prescott, former Ireland rugby league international and British Lion

'I don’t think men should be bowled over by all those fitness fads out there; there are plenty of other ways you can keep fit, like simply going for walks which is what I do regularly. If you go to they have all sorts of ideas and advice on what to do and where to start.' Former England text wicket-keeper Jack Russell MBE

'Physical fitness is very important when riding a motorcycle regardless of whether you are a professional or a commuter. It requires skill, upper-body strength, training and focus.

Even though you aren’t competing with anyone whilst you cruise down the road, fitness still plays an important role in your riding ability. It is a workout and a lack of fitness can hinder your performance, especially during a long journey. When the body is tired reaction times lengthen and the ability to make sound, snap judgments can be impaired, making you a danger to yourself and others around you. I am supporting National Men’s Health Week and its goal to get more men physically active. My advice to all motorcycle riders is: get fit – ride safe!' Leon Haslam, World Superbike Rider

'It is important that everyone keeps as active as possible, the launch of the over 35s keeping as physically fit as possible will enable us to enjoy the sports that we love whilst keeping active into our old age. Through the Mens Health Forum and professional football clubs awareness campaigns that are taking place and encouraging us to visit our GPs if we have concerns about are health theres no excuse.' Nicky Johns - ex Charlton FC goalie who now works for Crystal Palace football club

Malcolm MacDonald'Health can all too often be taken for granted, particularly when you are young. But checking your health out every now and again is vital to staying fit. You do it for your car, don't you? Then why not do it for the driver too!' Malcolm Macdonald - former Newcastle, Arsenal and England footballer "Supermac"

'As I know all too well, you can be at the peak of fitness one moment and on the road to decline the next. But you should never give up on your health - physical or mental.' Former Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday footballer player, Mel Sterland

Danny Orr'Why do men watch from the sidelines? Why not join in? Physical activity is not just about avoiding a heart attack in 20 years time. Playing sport, will improve your performance immediately, both mentally and physically.' London Harlequins top points scorer in 2009 Danny Orr

Andy Fordham'I didn't realise how unfit or unhealthy I was until it was nearly too late. And like most men I didn't think it was possible to do much about it, but I found you don't have to go mad at the gym you just need a little regular exercise and be more aware of what you eat and how much you are drinking.' Andy "The Viking" Fordham (2004 BDO World Darts Champion)

Ryan Lamb'Rugby is one of the fast growing sports in the country. It doesn’t matter what shape, size, or age you are. People of all abilities can get involved just check out

. There are so many health benefits from boosting upper body strength and flexibility to improving communication and social skills it’s a great team sport. I am pleased to support National Men’s Health Week, let’s get the nation active and moving!' Rugby Union footballer Ryan Lamb plays fly-half for London Irish in the Guinness Premiership.


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