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Male sexual abuse survivors still invisible in the UK

Ahead of Men's Health Week 2011, a conference in Bradford University will be looking at the use of new technology to offer support services to male victims of sexual crime.

BSSVAAG logoInvisible Boys and Men, the Bradford Specialist Sexual Violence & Abuse Advisory Group's (BSSVAAG) first sexual violence and abuse conference will take place on 10 June and explore all the issues facing male victims of sexual crime.

The BSSVAAG's Bob Balfour explained the importance of the event. 'As we advance into this new century many academics and clinical professionals regard this issue as one of the most hidden public health issues in society today. Workers from all sectors, including primary and secondary care, to drugs and educational welfare encounter male victims/survivors and the issues they disclose daily. Those same workers often report finding it hard to find appropriate specialist support for them.

'In Ontario, male survivors of sexual abuse will now have access to an integrated, province-wide network of services and support that will help them through the difficult process of recovery. If Canada can do this -  so can the UK.'

The conference aims to:

  • Evidence the need for a full male CSA/rape victim needs assessment
  • Empower the creation of a county-wide strategy to meet male CSA/rape victim need
  • Empower a West Yorkshire wide service model to deliver such a strategy.

Its main themes will be:

  • Psychiatric and psychological insights
  • Male Survivor voices
  • Ethnic and cultural issues in engaging with men
  • Building male service provision based on evidence and best practice
  • New technology and service provision - options and possibilities

Download full details of the Invisible Boys and Men Conference here.

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