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C'mon lads, watch the vids

Inspired by Men's Health Week, Time Out of the box have created some great new men's health videos.

Still from Healthy EatingThe agency's founder and managing director Tim Gristwood used to work on men's health issues. 'I remember clearly how difficult it was to engage men, and at times very difficult to engage some agencies to do so positively. There tended to be a bit of a blame culture,' he recalls.

'So, putting my money where my mouth was, I said that Time Out of the box would generate short films for those working on Men's Health Week in the north east of England where we're based provided they brought plenty of men to participate in them.'

It didn't quite go as planned. (Who said 'typical male'?)

Countering stereotypes

Tim goes on: 'However, as we didn't get the numbers we needed I actually ended up being the face of men's health in this area. The "white van man" was fun to do in particular and whilst I dread to think what out-takes are available, it is important to counter the stereotypes of men. We do not have to meet others' expectations of us.'

The films generate a call to action: So C'mon Lads!

  • Say - what you want or need
  • Tell - someone how you feel
  • Find - a person or place qualified to help and support you.

Tim says: 'It is a way of thinking, sorting in your head how to move forward positively and assertively even when it gets as bad as it can possibly be. We are currently developing a package of training and development, should anyone be interested in attending a participative workshop they should let us know as soon as possible.'

You can see the videos below or on the appropriate sections of Why not link to them or embed them in your site?

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