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Send a health-giving e-card

Father's Day may have gone but it's not too late to send a healthy e-card to the men in your life.

e-cardThe e-card from NHS Choices is a first from the NHS. The idea is for friends and partners to use the e-card to prompt men into getting engaged with well-being and tackling unhealthy habits by personalising the card and selecting from a list of messages that deal with smoking, drinking, weight, diet and getting fit.

The MHF is right behind the idea which was devloped for Men's Health Week. 'If you are concerned about the health of a man in your life and don’t know how to tackle the subject, this is your chance,' said MHF CEO Peter Baker.

'We are delighted that NHS Choices has produced these e-cards. The cartoon characters deliver solid health messages with a smile and encourage men to find out more on-line. This fits very well with our theme this year which is to encourage more men to get online for sound information about their health.'

Paul Nuki of NHS Choices said: 'Men do not think about their health as much as women. For many men, its only when they become ill that they start to take an interest. We want to change that because we think it will save lives. That's why we have launched these health greeting cards - they enable women to prompt the men in their lives to get engaged with their health in a very direct and practical way.'

Page created on June 23rd, 2011

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