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Erection problems may kill more than the moment

Erection problems are probably the most important early warning sign for heart disease.

heart symbolA new report from the Forum includes strong evidence of a link between erection problems and male heart disease. Experts say erection dysfunction (ED) could warn of cardiovascular problems 2-3 years before other symptoms and 3-5 years before serious problems present.

Men could be twice as likely to suffer heart problems if they have ED. The Forum is calling for more men and more doctors to be told about the link and how erection problems can be an early warning of heart disease.

Perfect storm

MHF president Dr Ian Banks said: ‘We have the perfect storm of men’s embarrassment about erection problems, GPs under pressure and deadly disease. Acting as soon as problems start could save lives.’

Dr Banks said the pressures limiting GPs’ ability to prescribe treatments for erection problems could make things worse. In some areas men are limited to two pills a month.

'Many men know it can be hard to get treatment for erection problems and this can make it harder to overcome their embarrassment.’

‘Given the well-established medical causes of ED, restrictions and confusion over a GPs ability to prescribe medicines for ED are probably contributing to the delay in definitive. Even on this basis alone, it makes sense to allow greater access to anti-ED medications from GPs if men are to avoid dangerous purchases from the internet.’


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