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Local mini-manuals take off

Could a mini-manual help you deliver your local men's health message.

Yorkshire Man manualMHF development manager Matt Maycock reports that more and more local health providers and men's health campaigners are seeing the advantage in locally focused men's health information.

'We're about to distribute both Coventry Man and Lambeth Man,' said Matt. 'They're based on the successful Yorkshire Man mini manual but of course with all the relevent local content. The independent evaluation of Yorkshire Man made it clear that as a means of engaging men in your area about a range of health issues as well as highlighting relevant local services, a Men’s Health Forum mini manual is extremely effective. It looks like others are responding to this.'

A tailor-made mini manual represents a great branding opportunity for your organisation with your logo and relevant contact details included within. It can also be complemented with a customised malehealth web portal allowing men in your area to find the answers to any other health questions they may have.

Page created on September 17th, 2010

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