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What are Men's Health Forum Mini Manuals?

Who buys mini-manuals?

Mini Manuals have already been used by a variety of organisations — public health bodies, multinationals, corporations, government bodies and other health related agencies. Staff health information, customer promotions and local public health campaigns are just a few examples of some of the uses the manuals have been put to in the last year. The MHF has now produced over 100 different mini manuals.

Mini manuals

Who writes the manuals?

The author and editor of the manuals is Dr Ian Banks, former president of the Men's Health Forum and former editor of the Men's Health Journal and the UEMO Clinical Journal.

While working part-time as a family doctor and casualty officer in Belfast, he also represents GPs for the British Medical Association, is a member of Council for the UK and is the BMA's official spokesperson on men's health. Ian is a trustee for the Doctor Patient Partnership and chairman of the Consumer Health Information Campaign. Ian also founded the Men's Health Forum Ireland and for six years was the medical editor of Men's Health magazine. In addition to this he has also published many other books on health and health issues.

How are they produced?

The Manuals are composed and printed by our publishing partners Haynes Publishing at their Yeovil plant. 

Alongside their motor manuals, Haynes also publish a huge variety of books on many other subjects including health matters in partnership with the Men's Health Forum written by Dr Ian Banks. Recent publications include HGV Manual, Man, Brain, Cancer, Sex and Heart.

What subjects are available?

Go to our online store for a list of all available titles. If you can't see anything that catches your eye, check out our custom manual options here

What are the benefits?

  • a gender specific health promotion vehicle
  • written by respected doctor who knows how to write for men, Dr Ian Banks.
  • produced by The Men's Health Forum, the UK's leading independent charity working to improve male health and health provision
  • in partnership with Haynes Publishing, an iconic male-friendly brand
  • content as flexible as you want it to be for your specific needs
  • extremely cost efficient — producing the same calibre of content yourself in the timescales required would be very difficult and cost upwards of double what we would charge. Off-the-shelf content saves time and money
  • major branding opportunities for those working in the health sector
  • as well as a great way of fulfilling legal obligations, providing staff or customer information on a gender specific basis for both for internal and external marketing campaigns.
  • available for any men's health related issues and a great way of promoting a brand, activity or as part of a wider health related campaign.
  • Mini manuals can also be made available as a PDF download version — clients will be able to provide a link or specific URL where extracts from the manuals they have sponsored can be downloaded.


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