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Men challenged to improve their health

MHF is launching a 'Challenges and Choices' Man Manual as part of this year's National Men's Health Week, which runs from 15- 21 June.

manual cover The Man Manual is the latest Men's Health Workshop Manual published by Haynes for MHF. It gives men essential information about their everyday health challenges. The information will support men to make their own choices about their lifestyle and contains details of the services that can help them. 

The Manual accompanies MHF Challenge Cards - a credit card-sized series of health challenges for men based on the key issues for Men's Health Week. The Manual and the Cards includes information on alcohol intake, exercise and sexual health, and tips on how to manage stress, with a challenge set for each.

Dr Ian Banks, president of Men's Health Forum, explains, "Too many men suffer unnecessarily poor health, with a large proportion of men not using GP and other primary care services effectively and neglecting their health through smoking, a poor diet and alcohol misuse.

"The 'Challenges and Choices' Manual has been designed to highlight some of the small changes men can make that will have a positive impact on their health and lifestyle. In the style of a car maintenance manual, we hope it will appeal to men and encourage them to take better care of their own health and seek advice from a health professional when necessary. It's particularly important that men see a doctor soon if there could be something seriously wrong and that they don't try and treat themselves with drugs bought from a dodgy website.”

The 32 page Manual is A5 in size, and in full colour. It will be distributed through Men's Health Forum's partner organisations, including Royal Mail, the Department of Health, numerous Primary Care Trusts, charity and third sector organisations.

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