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Third sector sets 'big society' agenda in new report

Voluntary sector chief executives have risen to the challenge of the government's big society agenda in a new document on the role of the third sector.

Report coverAs a member of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisation's Commission on Public Health, MHF CEO Peter Baker was one of the charity chiefs involved in putting The Organised Efforts of Society together. Ahead of the forthcoming public health white paper, the ACEVO report makes 14 recommendations designed to 'unleash the immense potential that lies in greater partnership between the state, the voluntary sector and communities.'

The report argues that over the past few decades governments have tended to act as if improvements in public health could be left to the organised efforts of the state, the organised efforts of the NHS, or the organised efforts of the public health profession.

Now, the report argues, is the time to return to the fact that public health is dependent on 'the organised efforts of society'.

Peter Baker said: 'there's been a lot of talk about the big society and an increased role for the voluntary sector, now's the time for some concrete proposals. The new ACEVO report offers just that in the critically important area of improving the health of the population.'


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