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PAGB conference: 8 November 2011, London

Care minister Paul Burstow, right, is to open the PAGB 12th Annual Self-Care Conference in November.

Paul BurstowThe event, which is to be chaired by MHF president Dr Ian Banks, is entitled Behavioural Change for Better Health, Better Care and Better Services.

MHF CEO Peter Baker said: 'Self care is an increasingly important part of health provision which is why the MHF is a member of the Self Care Forum. This timely conference will bring together patient representatives, practice staff including managers, doctors and nurses, health policy influencers and educators and commissioning consortia to discuss the way forward in self-care.'

The event is hosted by the Proprietary Association of Great Britain (PAGB), the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Nursing and the National Association for Patient Participation.


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