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Young men without male role models more likely to be depressed

Young men without a male role model are three times more likely to feel depressed according to new research on the positive impact of male role models from the Prince’s Trust.

The Prince’s Trust Macquarie Youth Index shows that more than one in four young people (27%) say that they do not have a positive role model in their life. Those without positive role models are significantly less happy with all areas of their life.

More than two in five (42%) suffer from self loathing, 45% 'regularly' feel inferior to others, whilst almost a third (31%) feel insecure all or most  of the time says the report.

Young men without positive male role models are three times more likely than their peers with male role models to lack a sense of belonging.

They are also significantly less likely to feel happy and confident than those with male role models.

They are three times more likely to feel down or depressed all of the time and significantly more likely to admit they can’t remember the last time they felt proud.

More than one in three (36%) say they lack a sense of identity.

Young men without male role model are more likely to end up not in employment, education or training – the category known as NEETS

One in five NEETS without a role model (21%) have never had a job – full or part-time – compared with 14% of their peers

More than two fifths of young people without role models have felt suicidal (42%) – which is an interesting figure for those who seek to tackle the fact that one young person aged 16-24 commits suicide in England & Wales every day. (80% of young suicide victims are male.)

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