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Men’s poor health must be tackled by the NHS working with councils, workplaces and charities

The only way to tackle men’s unnecessarily poor health is for the NHS, local authorities and charities to work together. The call for a united front on the issue came from Peter Baker, chief executive of national charity the Men’s Health Forum, at a national men’s health conference at Warwick University today [Friday 1st October].

The conference was organised jointly by Coventry City Council and the Men’s Health Forum. The Council has a leading role in men’s health and has worked with MHF, the NHS, workplaces and other charities to tackle the poor health of too many men in the city.

Peter Baker told the conference:

“The approach taken by Coventry City Council sets an example of the joined-up approach needed to tackle the causes of poor male health. This example should be followed nationally.

“Men’s health is poor across a range measures. Over 40% of men die before they reach 75 years (compared to 26% of women). Two thirds of men are overweight or obese and only 40% are physically active enough to benefit their health. Men are 70% more likely than women to die from cancers that affect both sexes and over three quarters of suicides are male.”

“It is only by the NHS and local authorities working together with charities and workplaces that we can tackle these shocking statistics,” said Peter Baker.

Coventry City Council has commissioned its own edition of the MHF’s ‘Man’ mini-manual on men’s health. Published by the Forum with Haynes in the format of their car maintenance manuals, ‘Coventry Man’ joins ‘Yorkshire Man’ and ‘Lambeth Man’ in the range of men’s health mini-manuals. .

1. The MHF is a charity that provides an independent and authoritative voice for male health in England and Wales and tackles the issues and inequalities affecting the health and well-being of men and boys.
2. Other speakers at the conference include:
• Dr Steve Boorman, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Chief Medical Adviser to Royal Mail Group
• Dr Alan Dolan, Associate Professor of Health, Warwick University
• Dr Ayan Panja, GP, broadcaster (BBC TV Street Doctor) and author
• Martin Reeves, Chief Executive, Coventry City Council
• Professor Alan White, Centre for Men’s Health, Leeds Metropolitan University

3. The MHF is online at: for health professionals and policy makers for fast, free, independent health info from the Men’s Health Forum

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