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Update on National Men’s Health Week 2012 – 11-17 June
Five ways children can help their dads get healthy

Heart disease is the most common cause of death – and premature death – for men in the UK. Men are more likely to die early from heart disease – in the UK, 20,850 men a year die before the age of 75 years from heart disease compared to 7,408 women – and especially men in lower income groups.

Organised by the Men’s Health Forum charity, Men’s Health Week is for men and their families as well as health professionals and organisations.

The week, which ends on Father’s Day, provides a great opportunity to remind dads that they only live once and their health is important for the whole family.

Five ways children can help their dads stay or get healthy:
1. Have an evening kick about or game of rounders in the garden or a park - remember it’ll be even lighter in the evenings soon!
2. If he smokes, encourage him to quit. Offer to sponsor him by doing extra chores around the house or donating old toys or books to charity.
3. Why not have your own family Olympics? Pick a few sports that that everyone can take part in. Have either a ‘sports day’ or build up the events over a month. It is a fun way to have a bit of family competition.
4. Play ‘it’ in the park. Stay to fly a kite while you all get your breaths back.
5. Helping him stay healthy doesn’t have just to be about exercise. Ask him to make fruit smoothies with you.

The Men’s Health Week website will also enable people to send their dad a special father’s day e-card.

Peter Baker, chief executive of the Men’s Health Forum said:

“I have three young children and I know how hard it can be to break the routine and all get out for a run around – and when I do they run rings around me! But we all feel better for the time spent together as well as the physical activity. It also means I’m more likely to be around for longer which is good for my family and good for me too. You only live once after all.”

Send your dad an e-card, take part and support Men’s Health Week at


1. The MHF is a charity that provides an independent and authoritative voice for male health in England and Wales and tackles the issues and inequalities affecting the health and well-being of men and boys.

2. The MHF is online at: for health professionals and policy makers, and for fast, free, independent health info from the Men’s Health Forum.
@menshealthforum for updates on our work.

3. For men and their families Men’s Health Week will highlight:

• How children can help their dads stay or get healthy
• How dads can look after their heart health
• The importance of men taking part in the NHS Health Check programme

For health professionals and organisations we will highlight:
• That the NHS Health Check programme is a good way to get checks done in men but it needs promoting
• The strong link between erection problems and heart disease
• How they can organise fundraising events to help tackle men’s health

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