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Journalists praise the MHF

The Forum has been shortlisted for charity of the year in the Medical Journalists' Association Awards 2010.

The Association, which represents journalists writing in health and medicine, holds its Summer Awards to celebrate excellence in medical journalism. It recognises not only journalists from broadcast and printed media but also other communicators such as charity teams and campaigning individuals. The MHF is up against four other charities including Cancer Research UK and the King's Fund.

Peter Baker, chief executive of the MHF, said "These are prestigious awards and to get to this stage is amazing especially when you look at the size and established reputation of the other shortlisted charities."

Among friends

As well as charities that the Forum has a long working relationship with the MHF team will be among friends at the awards ceremony on 15th July.

Shortlisted in the freelance category is MHF patron Dr Mark Porter; in the editors category is Lynn Eaton, former editor of MHF magazine and now editor of Mental Health Today and in the broadcast journalist category is Vivienne Parry who used to chair the Prostate Cancer Charter for Action. Earlier this year, Jim Pollard, editor of the MHF's websites was shortlisted at the association's book awards.

For more about the awards visit the MJA's awards site.


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Would like to congratulate Dr

Would like to congratulate Dr Mark Porter and Lynn Eaton for the nominations. Dr. Marcus

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