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'This idea could revolutionise men's health care.'

MHF CEO Peter Baker has urged workplaces, NHS services, local councils, charities and community organisations - in fact, anyone interested in improving men's health - to publicise Pfizer's Man MOT, the free online doctors' surgery open ever Monday 6-10pm until next May.

Peter said: 'We want organisations to tell their staff, patients, customers and visitors about Man MOT. This type of online consultation service could revolutionise men's health care. Farewell to fretting about wasting a doctor's time. Goodbye to worrying if your problem is serious enough to take a morning off work.

'Men’s reluctance to visit their GP to discuss intimate health issues can often lead to serious medical conditions going undiagnosed. Man MOT offers a twenty-first century solution to that problem. If we can show it works, this could be a major addition to mainstream healthcare.

'Man MOT aims to provide support in an environment in which men feel comfortable - anonymous and online. The weekly service offers advice on a broad range of health issues, in addition to a series of dedicated sexual health and relationship clinics. The hope is that more men will finally feel they have the opportunity to talk – particularly those who lack the time, or are too embarrassed to visit their GP.

Peter Baker'Initial site traffic and consultations undertaken since the launch of Man MOT all point to the service being a success with overall site visits being 10,674 to date.'

The site was originally launched as pilot until 22 November 2010 but consistently good feedback and consultation numbers plus support from NHS Choices has resulted in an extension until 16 May 2011.

Peter urged men, men's organisations and health organisations to spread the word. 'Let's prove this can work. This is a great service for men who want to discuss their problems in confidence. Make your employees aware of Man MOT by either placing a link on your intranet or including details in your newsletter. We are very keen to raise awareness of this important service which we hope will continue to drive even more men to the website to engage with a doctor and begin to access the healthcare system. Let me know if there is any way we can assist you in this.'

Man MOT is supported by NHS Choices, Relate, National Obesity Forum, Heart UK, Sexual Advice Association and Diabetes UK, as well as the Men's Health Forum.

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