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'Wherefore art thou, Romeo?'
'At the weightloss clinic.'

If you're involved in interventions to help men who are obese lose weight, then Romeo (Review Of MEn and Obesity) would like to hear from you.

logosDr Alison Avenell of the Health Services Research Unit at Aberdeen Univeristy writes: 'We are a systematic review team with Health Services Research Unit at University of Aberdeen. We are currently conducting a systematic review on the evidence-based management strategies for treating obesity in men and on how to engage men in these obesity services.

'To that end, we aim to integrate the quantitative and qualitative evidence base for the management and engagement of men with obesity in weight loss services, researching concurrently to systematically review:

  1. the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions for obesity in men, and men in contrast to women,
  2. the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of interventions to engage men in their weight reduction and finally
  3. the qualitative research with men about obesity management, and providers of such services for men.

'If you have any information on relevant projects conducted within your organisation that have been written up as a report (whether for internal or external purposes) or have been submitted for publication or have already been published, we would like to hear from you.

'Your contribution would be valuable for our research in identifying a wide evidence base for our systematic review and making your work more widely accessible too.'

Please send us any relevant reports or articles you may have to the address or email below:

Health Services Research Unit
School of Medicine and Dentistry
Health Sciences Building
University of Aberdeen
Foresterhill AB25 2ZD

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