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MHF backs Change4Life

The MHF has joined the government-backed weight-loss movement Change4Life as an independent report suggests four men in five will be overweight by 2020.

Change4Life logoThe aim of Change4Life, which began in January 2009, is to prevent people from becoming overweight by encouraging them to eat better and move more. So far messages have been targeted mainly at young families with childen but it will now broaden out to target adults.

'We are delighted to be a Change4Life partner,' said MHF CEO Peter Baker. 'By tying in with Men's Health Week 2010 which is all about physical activity, this link up with Change4Life will enhance the impact of our health promotion work and help the NHS to integrate our materials into its own campaigns.'

The Department of Health say that one million mums claim to have attempted to change their children’s behaviour as a result of Change4Life and that latest data show that obesity prevalence in children is levelling out. An early analysis of people’s shopping baskets apparently shows that families who signed up to Change4Life are now more likely to chose low fat milks and low sugar drinks.

Diabetes to double by 2050

The spotlight will now fall on adults. This follows new evidence, published today by the National Heart Forum (NHF), which predicts that 80% of men (and nearly 70% of women) will be overweight or obese by 2020. By 2050, they predict a 23% rise in the prevalence of obesity-related stroke, a 34% rise in obesity-related hypertension, a 44% rise in obesity-related coronary heart disease and a doubling in obesity-related diabetes.

The report was put together by NHF chair Professor Klim McPherson from Oxford University. The NHF brings together over 50 organisations representing professional, consumer, charity and public services throughout the UK

Promoting Change4Life, health secretary Andy Burnham said: 'In response to an urgent need to tackle the alarming rise in obesity, we launched Change4Life - not just a campaign, but a movement with a mission to encourage people to eat well, move more and live longer. We have surpassed all our targets for the first year and we are beginning to see the positive impact on families as they start to adopt healthier lifestyles.

'The beauty of the campaign is that it motivates everyone to get involved right down to local communities. For every pound we spend on the campaign, other organisations have committed to spend £3 to build momentum. This makes Change4Life a highly powerful movement.'

Look out for Change4Life on advertising on the TV and on posters from 20 February.

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