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You'll like our new video - notch a lot!

The MHF is applying for funding from Nesta's £10m Innovation in Giving Fund for its 'Give A Notch' scheme.

Still from our videoAnnounced with the Office for Civil Society, the fund is for proposals which 'have the potential to deliver a significant increase in the giving and exchange of time, assets, skills, resources and money'. You can help by having a look at our video pitch. Funnier than a comedian's tax return, it's, well, different from the average funding pitch.

What is 'Give a Notch'?

It's a initiative which combines fun, fashion and fundraising. In 50 words: 'Give a Notch brings together weight-loss, fashion and giving in a team game to fund MHF advice services. Men make a donation for the weight (or belt notches) lost. Their bigger clothes are recycled. Commercial partners provide discounted new ones. Men lose weight. Charities fund-raise. Everyone gains clothes.'

What is the 'Innovation in Giving Fund'?

The Innovation in Giving Fund was one of a range of measures to promote the giving of of time, assets, skills, resources and money announced in the government's Giving White Paper published in May 2011. This is its second call for projects ideas.

Just watched your hilarious video. But who are those fantastic actors? How did you persuade such accomplished professionals to work for you?

They're two of our interns Hanna Pawlak and Chad Grimm. Behind the camera was a third intern Michael Brown. Well done team. Hollywood is quaking in its boots.

Thanks for watching. And watch this space for news of how we get on.

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