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How every web search you make could raise money for the MHF

Support the Men's Health Forum by using the everyclick search engine.


everyclick is just like google or any other search engine except that every month it allocates 50% of its gross revenue to charity. Each active charity - of which the Men's Health Forum is one - receives a proportion of that sum equivalent to the proportion in which its supporters use the website relative to the supporters of other active charities. In other words, the more you search with everyclick, the more we receive.

Even if you only start each search with everyclick and use it, for example, to search for your preferred search engine, we'll get a little. And every little helps.

Click here to use everyclick - it's a doddle. Just type 'Men's Health Forum' in the box and hit the return key.

Page created on January 23rd, 2007

Page updated on December 1st, 2009