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Men's Health Week 2010: all the links you need

Men's Health Week earlier this month was a great success, say the MHF, attracting interest from the public and the media alike from across the country.

The week, focusing on physical activity and how health providers can make better use of sports venues, saw hundreds of events around the country as well as the MHF's launch event and policy work.

The Forum's launch event 'a question of health' was inspired by the BBC sports quiz and saw a team of celebrities take on a men's health team. One of the sportsmen, darts player Andy Fordham, had  been on BBC TV earlier that day talking about his battle with his own health. At the end of the event, the new public health minister helped launch the week.

The One Million Man challenge - the Forum's policy briefing for the week challenged one million men to become more active before 2012 and the NHS, charities and the government to help them.

The two videos on the right are of the launch event and an extract from health minister Anne Milton's first speech on men's health.

Next up is the MHF/RSPH symposium on men and physical activity in November - link below.

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