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Free commando bootcamps in Surrey

Ex-commando Tom Wyles is backing Men's Health Week by offering free bootcamps all week to friends of malehealth and the MHF.

Commando Fitness camps run - and run is the appropriate word - at Farnham Park, Surrey at the following times

  • Tuesday 15 June - 1815-1915hrs
  • Wednesday 16 June - 1930-2030hrs
  • Thursday 17 June - 1815-1915hrs
  • Saturday 19 June - 1000-1100hrs

You can attend any or all sessions - just quote MH.

Boot camp run

Tom Wyles, pictured above leading the run, is a former Royal Marine Commando specialising in Reconnaissance and Sniping. He served in Oman, USA, Norway, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan before training as a close protection operative and medic in South Africa. The has since done similar work in Iraq. Now a commercially endorsed Yachtmaster and Cruising Instructor, he has also taught English in Vietnam, white water rafted down the Zambezi and competed in the Honolulu Marathon before going on to qualify as a Personal Trainer.

He says: 'If you want something enough and you are willing to put in the required time and dedication, you will achieve it. My mission is to inspire and instill the self confidence and self belief so that you can excel in reaching your own goals.'

'Fun, informative and hard work'

Roger is a satisfied customer: 'I attended a Commando Fitness session that Tom Wyles took at Farnham Park in May. Actually I was a little reluctant to go but went to keep my friend happy! I thought I was going to get beasted and be shouted at for an hour. To my great surprise I found it to be fun, informative as well as hard work.

'I’m 55, unfit and have not trained for 15 years but Tom managed to tailor the bootcamp to the benefit of each individual. Since then I’ve attended 2 more evening boot camps and committed to 3 sessions per week. Already I feel improvements. I’m much more alert at work (no bad thing) feel great and happier with myself.'

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