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Supermac signs up for a striking partnership

The YMCA's national Y Active Men programme, which launched today, is a great example of the sort of partnership the Men's Health Forum wants to forge in its aim to get a million more men aged 35-64 physically active by 2012.

The 12 week programme is designed for the four out of 10 men aged 35 and over who don’t currently do the recommended weekly level of physical activity and offers weekly classes, one to one assessments, mentoring and support. To encourage men in the Tyneside area to get fit, the YMCA North Tyneside is offering 30 lucky Geordies three-month memberships (worth £90 each) for FREE .

Pictured below signing autographs is Malcolm Macdonald, the former Newcastle, Arsenal and England footballer better known as Supermac who is backing the plan to get more Geordies fit. His message is: 'Health can all too often be taken for granted, particularly when you are young. But checking your health out every now and again is vital to staying fit. You do it for your car, don't you? Then why not do it for the driver too!'

Supermac signs autographs

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