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6.4 million over 65 have never used internet

One in three people (35%) aged 65 and over believe they would have had a better education if the internet had existed when they were younger according to a new poll for Age UK.

With the new poll also showing that a quarter of older people would be encouraged to get online or use the internet more if a friend, family member or neighbour could help them, Age UK is encouraging people with everyday technology skills to pledge to pass on their knowledge to older people.

Technology and the internet is also the theme of next year’s Men’s Health Week. MHF development manager Kristin McCarthy said,’ the new Age UK polls highlights exactly what we want to do for Men’s Health Week 2011 – get more men online.

'We know there’s a lot of good health information online on our malehealth sites, the NHS sites and elsewhere. We also know that men like using the internet for health. Our survey on malehealth found that for 70% of men the internet is their first port of call for health information. The trouble is not all men have the opportunity to do this. The Age UK poll shows 6.4 million over 65 have never used the internet. We need to bridge that gap. Congratulation to Age UK on taking the lead,’

Age UK’s itea and biscuits week this week will see close to 1,000 events take place across the UK to encourage people in later life to start using the internet and other digital technology, such as mobile phones and digital cameras. And yes, it is itea – not a typo, a pun!

To use the online video tutorial or to find out more about Age UK’s digital inclusion work why not visit the Age UK website or call 0800 169 20 81.


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