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Take Heart: Men's Health Week 2012, 11-17 June

To celebrate the tenth birthday of Men’s Health Week, the Men’s Health Forum is launching a new interactive campaign. YoLo - You Only Live Once - will encourage men to make the choices that will enable them to live better, live healthier and live longer. Because you only live once.

Put your heart into the Week

Heart disease is the single biggest killer of men. That’s why we’ve chosen heart health as the theme for for Men’s Health Week 2012, 11-17 June and to kick off the YoLo campaign. Three times as many men as women die from heart disease before their 75th birthday. This year’s Men’s Health Week message is clear: you only live once - so you need a tip-top ticker.

We are keen to support men to do all they can to prevent heart disease by encouraging them to exercise, eat right and to get help if they are concerned about their health.

This year’s campaign will put more emphasis on promoting the local campaign events and activities which are run across the country which is what partners have asked us to do. We are broadening our target audience to include women and children who play a key role in influencing the men in their lives lifestyle choices. We will use Father’s Day holiday (Sunday, 17 June 2012) to promote our messages to the general public.

You can register your organisation free of charge for updates on events and resources for the week.

Active hearts, healthy hearts

Activities for the Week include:

  • A social media driven advertising campaign in print and online media promoting Men’s Health and engaging members of public to support Men’s Health Week in varied and fun ways
  • A customisable and downloadable Father’s Day e-card incorporating men’s health messaging linked to the campaign’s website
  • A dedicated National Men’s Health Week website with all resources available for registrants and partner organisations featuring a navigatable listing of all local events and activities taking place across the country during the week
  • A high-profile National Launch Event at Arsenal Stadium on Tuesday, 12 June 2012, 4-6pm. (by invitation only)
  • Our award-winning Haynes mini-manuals on Heart Health – a proven and succefful, fun resource for men – available to purchase
  • National/local media activity
  • The week will be followed by an expert symposium on men’s heart health which will aim to develop further policy in this area

We want to hear from you - especially if you've a dickie ticker

If you are planning any event or have anything else you want to tell us or suggest or have any questions about the Week contact us.

We are also looking for heart health case studies. So if you've experienced something that would help others - heart-warming, heart-breaking - we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you your support of Men’s Health Week. 

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