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Bloke Noises phone app now available

MHW 2011 main logoThe MHF has launched its first smartphone app for Men's Health Week.

Bloke Noises, currently only available on the iPhone, is a funny way for you and your mates to find out more about your health and the strange noises the male body is capable of. It provides you with all the information you need about the health problems that are most likely to trouble you - with the relevant sound effects!

What 'appens?

Bloke Noises screen shotThe Bloke Noises app, available free from the Apple app store, allows you to take a photo of your face or a friend’s and then customise the body depending on lifestyle factors, for instance, diet, drinking and sex life. A cartoon body (with the photo of the head) will then appear and can be shared privately.

When various parts of the body are poked, the relevant sound will be heard, along with a short health message relevant to that part of the body which will also contain a linked to more detailed content on the Men’s Health Forum health info website malehealth.

Page created on June 7th, 2011

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applaud the concept and great content within the site. the iphone app does let the side down as it is simplistic and after 30 seconds totally fails to deliver the promises. would be good to have a more professional access to relevant materials.