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All hands on deck for HMS Edinburgh's fundraising

Big thanks to Leon Taylor and all the crew of HMS Edinburgh for their fundraising efforts during Blue September.

HMS Edinburgh backs Blue SeptemberLeon, who is the ship's leading physical trainer, organised a danceathon, a 'Smurf circuit', a road race and other events which raised over £220 for Blue September and the MHF.

For the 'Smurf circuit' training on the flight deck, the ship’s company were encouraged to wear the colour blue and take part in Smurf-themed jumps and sprints.

For the 24 hour dancethon, thirteen members of the Edinburgh’s company competed against one another.

'The boys dressed in blue versus the girls dressed in pink danced the night away in their best fancy dress giving them the opportunity to show off their best dance moves they have learnt over the years,' said Leon. The girls were the clear winners - shame on you, lads - and the event raised over £250 which was shared between the MHF and Cancer Research.

Blue food

'It was a great event enjoyed by all the other members of the ship's company,' said Leon. 'The chefs were on hand to look after the team as they provided the refreshments and food for the event. They even added blue food colouring to some of their food choices during the month to promote Blue September.'

Fifteen members of the company also took part in a hill sprint in South Africa.

'It was the Edinburgh’s version of the Gib Rock race,' said Leon. 'The HMS Pickpockets Hill Sprint wasn’t as long as they would have had hoped but it was a lot steeper.' All competitors were again dressed in blue to promote Blue September.

Thanks from all at the MHF to Leon and everyone who took part including RPO “Laura Maniac” Evans, POET (ME) “Funky Jay” House, LPT “Two left feet” Taylor, LREG “No rhythm” Woodhall, LS “Twinkle Toes” Maloney, LS “Laura Hardcore” Hallis, LSTD “Becky Moon walker” Mudie, AB “Secret weapon” Redford, MA “Dancing queen” Gibbons, AB “Claire Footloose” Lackenby, AB “Conor 50 pence” Lovett, AB “Bouncing Ballerina” Beswick, ET (ME) “Maxwell Jackson” Maxwell, LSTD “Si” Graham and LET (WE) “Tom” Handley.


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