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Men's Health Week 2004

The third NMHW took place from 14-20 June 2004. This page provides links to all the many useful resources produced for the Week. The theme for 2004 was men and cancer.

PLEASE NOTE: These are historical documents from 2004, for information on our latest plans relating to NMHW2006, please click HERE.

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The theme for NMHW 2004 was men and cancer (all cancers, not just male-specific cancers). The key objective was to increase men's awareness of cancer prevention (including smoking cessation and dietary changes) and to encourage symptom awareness and early presentation to health services.

For NMHW 2004 a network of regional representatives was established who supported local activity by sharing both their experience of running activities in previous years and their knowledge of local circumstances.

NMHW 2004 comprised of both local and national events. The MHF provided information and resources to local organisations — mainly NHS but also local authorities, prisons, workplaces, schools and so on — to enable them to run local events and initiatives. The MHF registered at least 1,500 such events in 2004. The MHF also organised national initiatives to provide a focus for publicity and to increase awareness of men's health issues among politicians, policymakers and health professionals (which included producing a policy report highlighting the key issues at a national level). A Men and Cancer Manual, produced in the format of a Haynes' car manual formed the centrepiece of NMHW 2004.

Another good source of ideas are the reports from previous years' weeks which are available through the links above. Barnet NHS, for example, produced a report on its 2003 week which is particularly useful as it also includes lessons to be learned for the future. 

Men's Health Week 2004 takes places on the same dates as Carers Week 2004. This year Carers Week focuses on the health of carers. The Forum and the Carers Week consortium are working together to their mutual benefit. For more on Carers Week, click here.

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