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NMHW2006 Evaluation

The Men's Health Forum believe in evaluating all aspects of its work, in order to constantly improve year to year.

NMHW2006 was the biggest NMHW to date, so it was very important that all aspects of the week were evaluated to inform changes in the planning for future weeks.

Below there are links to a number of evaluation documents that may be of interest.

NMHW2006 Registrants Evaluation

This document relates to the experience at the local level during NMHW2006, and was completed by over 240 people.

This is quite a large document, but you can download specific sections by clicking on the links below:


Section 1 - Your Local Activities

Section 2 - Administration


Comments from the Questionnaires

NMHW2006 Partners Evaluation

The highest number of Partners to date took part in NMHW2006 (40), this document outlines the experience of being involved in the week from their viewpoint.

NMHW2006 Conference Evaluation

The Mind Your Head conference was the main event centrally organised by the Men's Health Forum. This document is the internal evaluation from the conference delegates. 

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