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Men's Health Week: all the links you need

Men's Health Week earlier this month was a great success, say the MHF, attracting interest from the public and the media alike from across the country.

'Men's Health Week 2009 was our best yet with hundreds of events taking place across the country and widespread media coverage, including on the hugely influential Today programme on Radio 4 and also The One Show on BBC TV,' enthused MHF CEO Peter Baker. 'Our spectacular launch event at Body Worlds at the 02 was well-attended and a video of the event is being broadcast by the BMJ's website.

Ian Banks - balloon debate'All told, some 35 organisations worked with us to make sure the Week's key message - that men's use of health services must be improved - reached government, politicians, the media and, crucially, the man in the street.'

If you want to catch up we've brought all the links together in one place below. Meanwhile, use your skill and judgement to identify which one of these two prime examples of masculinity pictured right are MHF president Dr Ian Banks enjoying his role as balloon master at the Men's Health Week debate at BodyWorlds in London.

MHF stories

Plus Health Choices and Challenges on malehealth.

Other media

A selection of the other local and national media coverage showing the range of activities both geographically and in terms of imagination:

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