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New improved Malehealth relaunches today

Malehealth, the most comprehensive men's health website in the UK — and probably the world — relaunches today with a brand new interface which should make it even easier to use.

The official launch does not take place until 5 November and then you'll see some fireworks. We'll give you full details then. In the meantime, you've got a head start on everyone else. By having a good look round the site you'll be doing yourself a favour and, by letting us know about any problems you encounter, us too.

There's a relaunch competition - prizes will include two VIP tickets for next year's Rugby League Challenge Cup final. If you haven't done so already done so, sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Updates have been posted throughout the site. The Have Your Say section makes it far easier to post your comments on anything you read. We've updated it with the pick of the many comments we've received over the last few months. Particularly interesting are those on the ever-controversial subjects of vasectomy and circumcision.

Our apologies for those who have been waiting for their comments to be posted but we've been tied up with the redesign. Hope you all like it and we look forward to hearing your comments.

Read the malehealth manifesto

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