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Help update our award-winning websites

The Men's Health Forum is redeveloping its websites and would like your feedback on its new designs.

MHF websites editor Jim Pollard takes up the story: 'If you think malehealth updates have been a bit slow lately, it's probably because we're working very hard on a new design for both the MHF websites.

'The current websites are built on technology that is seven years old - an eon in techie terms - and are currently kept on the road with much the same combination of luck and sweat as a vintage car. But as well as rebuilding the technology behind the scenes, we are, with our partners Stay Connected, updating the design and interface of the sites for, as the marketing men say, a brand new, improved user's experience - looking up health information has never been so easy or so much fun!'

What do you think of our new designs? Your feedback is warmly welcomed - just click on the link and post a comment below.

Even with this older technology, Malehealth was commended in the British Medical Association's patient information awards this month.

Jim says: 'Obviously we're about communicating with patients or potential ones rather than medics but I was still delighted to see the site recognised once again by the doctors and to win an award before the website overhaul has been implemented is a real tribute to the "by men for men” content of malehealth.'



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