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Competition winner gets Cardiff Challenge treat

The winner of our relaunch competition is Philip Lindsey from Northumberland. He wins two VIP tickets for the Rugby League Challenge Cup Final 2004 at the Cardiff Millenium Stadium on 15 May.

Philip was one of just a handful of people to get the three questions on the prostate gland correct - no wonder men's prostate health is so poor - and he also came up with an excellent slogan for our pitch-side adverts at next season's rugby league games: 'Nice tackle! Keep it that way.'

Runners-up prizes of health books by Ian Banks, Peter Baker and Jim Pollard have been sent to the other people who got the answers right and those who came up with slogans for our pitchside ads that we particularly liked. (You can find out for yourself about the books of Ian Banks, Peter Baker and Jim Pollard by browsing the bookshop — click on the Second Opinion section). For more on the prostate, click here.

Just for the record, the answers were:

1. The prostate gland is about the size of:

B. A ping pong ball (rather than a marble, a tennis ball or a rugby ball )

2. A doctor can examine your prostate gland:

A. in two minutes without any special equipment (rather than in ten minutes using a handheld MRI scanner; with an X-ray; or only under anaesthetic

3. PSA is an abbreviation used by doctors to mean:

B. Prostate Specific Antigen (rather than Prostate Screening Agent; Penis Size Average; or Patient Screaming A lot.)

Thanks for your entries. And enjoy the game, Phil.

Look out for future competitions on malehealth (perhaps you employer would like to sponsor one?)

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