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Malehealth's A-Z updated for 2005 

As you know malehealth - fast, free independent health info from the MHF - doesn't go in for silly, snappy slogans but if we did, 'All new for 2005' would be the label we'd put on our A-Z of Health section.

All 23 sections of the A-Z have been fully updated with the latest stats, facts and information on treatments. At the same time, we've updated all the links both in this section and in the Second Opinion section which makes malehealth one of the most up-to-date health sites on the web. The core work on the updates was carried out by Susan Aldridge, a medical writer whose work appears in Focus, Nature Biotechnology, and many other publications and websites. Her new book Use Your Briain To Beat Addition is published in June.

Site editor Jim Pollard said: 'Susan has done an excellent job for us. 

'The two main problems with using the net for health information are knowing whether it's reliable and knowing whether it's up-to-date. We're backed by the MHF, funded by the NHS and acclaimed by the British Medical Association and the Royal Society of Medicine so users have always known they could trust us. But now I'm really pleased to be able to say that we are also bang up-to-date - among the most up-to-date sources of health information you can find anywhere.' 

There's never been a better time to tell your friends about the site. You'll be doing them - and us - a big favour.

Page created on January 10th, 2005

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