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Malehealth leaps into Men's Health Week

Signed England Shirt Celebrate Men's Health Week alongside Michael Owen. Signed football shirts, iPods and body fat monitors are among the prizes in malehealth's easiest competition yet. This doddle of a prize draw is just part of malehealth's exceptional line-up for Men's Health Week.

The week begins 13 June but malehealth content is live right now. (Not the first time we've been a tad premature but what can you do?)

The theme of the week is men and weight and malehealth has all the facts you need, more links than a chain factory and in-depth interviews and exclusive blog with blokes who have looked at weight from both sides - too much and too little.

iPod ShuffleThere's free downloads from Dr Ian Banks new book written specially for the week plus details of Men's Health Week activities taking place all over the country.

Leap into Men's Health Week right now using the links on the right or by going direct to Tubby Or Not Tubby, our introductory feature that will tell you everything you need to know.

Enjoy the Week.

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