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Euro health petition: sign up with Michel Platini

The leading European organisation working to improve men's health is calling on men throughout Europe to sign their petition demanding that the European Union take men's health more seriously.

Named the Vienna Declaration after the conference at which it was launched, the European Men's Health Forum's petition has already been signed by dozens of members of the European parliament, many organisations and even some government departments. The latest signatories are the European football bosses UEFA headed by Michel Platini.

The Declaration is now available as an iPetition. Please put your names alongside Platini's and sign it.

EMHF Director Erick Savoye says: 'As we know, decisions of the European Union can have a big legal and moral impact in individual member countries like the UK. The idea is to snowball the declaration out to the general public and get as many signatures as possible. To have the support of a body such as UEFA, with all the support that football attracts throughout Europe, will give the Declaration a massive boost.'

Sign the petition by the end of June and forward this story to your friends to encourage them to do the same.

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